Things People Say

I was working in Sales in a well known electronics store, and it was my job to pitch certain sales to in-store customers. This day in particular, I was feelin' real cute. You know when you wear one of your favorite outfits to work, and feel on top of the world? Yeah.., that was me. I wore my white button-up, with tan vest, black slacks, and my favorite derby shoes I bought from France. I was confident.

Later in that day after I after sales pitching to numerous people in the store, I came across a gentleman. Who looked like a potential customer for the product I was trying to sale. I started my pitch with "Hi, My name is... Can I help you with anything?...Would you be interested in..." He told me that he didn't need any help and "Yes" he was interested in the product. Midway between explaining the product he stops me and says "You know, you're really beautiful." I smiled, said "Thank you." and continued on. He then interrupted and said, "But what happened to your face?" I told him it was just a birthmark and that I had been born with it. He then proceeded to tell me "Well, you'd be much prettier without it. You shouldn't have that."

"Well, you'd be much prettier without it. You should't have that."

My mind started racing. I couldn't help but ask myself why any individual would ever say anything like that to someone. And who are you to tell me what is considered beautiful and what is not. I was angry and hurt, but because I was in a work setting I felt that my emotions needed to be left out.  I did notice he had a lot of scaring on his hands and realized that his words towards me were just his way of portraying his insecurities. But instead of telling him politely about why it is inconsiderate to say the things that he said, I calmly looked at him and said the one thing that even today, I believe was a disrespect to my own feelings. I said "Thank you." After politely ending the conversation I walked off and took a work break. 

I just kept asking myself "Thank you? Thank you?!"

WHO AM I?!! I know this is not really how I feel about my birthmark. I know that this random individual (although potential buyer) does NOT have power over what makes me beautiful. But it was like I was thrown off; which amazes me. 27 years of living with a visible birthmark, and I still can't quite get used to the things people say. Of course now, I tell myself that if it were to happen again today, I would've given him a piece of my mind in the most respectful way, but sometimes we just aren't prepared for the negative things people say.

So after about 10 minutes in solitude, forgiving him, reminding myself that I am as beautiful as God made me WITH my birthmark. Then forgiving myself, and vowing to speak my mind, I went right back to work. I chose to not let that incident, not even myself, stop me from living a beautiful life. And I believe with that energy, I attracted positive people. Although they were not interested in the product I was trying to sell, I bumped into a couple whose wife felt the need to express just how gorgeous I was that day.

People say the wildest things; good and bad. It's up to us to choose how we want to react to them, and many times we may make the mistake of not reacting the way we believe we should. In those moments, we must forgive ourselves and the people who say mean things. We will continue to question our morals and how well we believe in ourselves; Eventually, it will eat us up inside.

So I want to challenge anyone reading this to forgive. Forgive others for any rude comments they have made, and forgive yourself if you have ever reacted to a comment in a way that doesn't fit your norm. It's all part of your training in this thing we call life. I'd also like to hear about any situations you have experienced that still continue to sit in your mind. Let's talk about it, and maybe we can clear it from your heart.

With peace and love,


Ariel Brown2 Comments