Open Your Eyes

It’s amazing how much support I can get from my friends and family. Even when I act (in my terms) terrible, they’re always there to still have my back. I think I’ve always taken it for granted. I’m a very lucky person to be saying this. 

Now I’m not writing this to gloat or brag about how wonderful my life is. Trust me, I’ve been through a lot, and will eventually reach each topic in later blogs; but I think it’s just taken a while to fully realize how much support I truly have. 

Today my older sister and I were talking about Birthmark Beauty (we argue on an every other day basis; to the point where we may not speak for days) and she was giving me so many ideas. Ideas about what I can do and how I can do it. (Mind you this was also a moment where I was surrounded by few family members that I hadn’t talked to in almost a year or so.)

It wasn’t until then, I realized how much support I was getting. My family even chimed in on ideas. It was a feeling I wish I had felt years ago. Then it really hit me. 

I’m an ultimate over thinker. 

Many times I put myself in a place where I get so caught up wondering and worrying about what others think, that I don’t see the ones right in front of me supporting me.

I think a lot of other women and men with birthmarks have this same issue. I mean I don’t blame them. You spend your life being told that there are ways to get rid of it, or cover it up. Constant implications that you aren’t beautiful enough with it, that it outweighs the few telling you that you are beautiful and they support you. 

Birthmark Beauties is supposed to help open the eyes of the world to understand that blemishes, birthmarks, and other so called flaws are beautiful. But it’s also supposed to open the eyes of those with them to see those that truly support and love them. 

Ariel BrownComment