Brave Birthmark Beauties

Every person with a birthmark has felt challenged by society in one way or another. Finding the courage to face society head on can be difficult but when it’s done, it can create a ripple affect that pushes others to do the same. Here are some Birthmark Beauties that have found the courage to challenging society.


Jessica Kitching

Jessica wrote a recent blog called “ Learning to Love My Strawberry Head.” Her blog touches on topics that include her being made fun of by family members, and also learning to love, embrace, and wear her birthmark confidently.

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Latanya Andrews

Latanya is a gospel singer/songwriter with a birthmark on her face. She raises awareness by showing off her birthmark and uses her amazing voice in worship and praise. This past September Latanya released a new single called “Available

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Mala Kennedy

Mala has vitiligo and is an Ontological life coach who teaches the nature of being. Mala and her family recently spent 4 months traveling away from their hometown in Australia; and she uses her instagram page “Malaloves“ to share her journey.

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Ferrin Roy

Ferrin is a mother and a wife with a birthmark. She has released a book called “The Mark She Kept.” It teaches others to love themselves, embrace their differences, and describes Ferrin’s own life experiences with her birthmark.

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Emanuela Rapisarda

Emanuela is from Italy and has a vascular birthmark. She uses her Instagram to not only spread awareness, but to also send a message that (as she said) “..we are all people..” and wants to teach everyone, no matter how different, to accept themselves.

You can view Emanuela’s page by clicking the link below


PaIge Lauren Billiot

Paige has created a campaign targeted towards changing societal standards. By use of creative photography and style she enhances her birthmark to express outer and inner beauty. In doing so she shows people how to celebrate and embrace uniqueness.

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