Normalizing Birthmarks

I don’t know about you, but I always feel more comfortable about my birthmark in hospital settings. I think it’s because most Dr’s and Nurses understand more about what birthmarks are and the different types that are out there. So I feel less like an outcast when I am around them. They treat me like any other patient.

For of you that don’t know, or haven’t been following on instagram, I tore my achilles tendon last week and was set for surgery yesterday morning. Unfortunately, due to health concerns, the surgery will need to be postponed til next week.

But while I was at the hospital I had some some of the sweetest and most careful nurses you could ask for. They cared about me as a person and I felt like family around them. When I first entered in the surgery prep area, I was asked by one of the nurses if my birthmark was a bruise that had occurred at time of injury. When I politely said “No, it’s a birthmark;” the nurse nodded her head and continued to prepare for the surgery. without any further questions, stares, or statements about removing it.

Being at the hospital made me feel like I was in another world where birthmarks are normalized.

My goal is that one day it will be normalized by the rest of the world.

Ariel Brown