I'm Here For You

My best friend, owner of Confidance and Hippy High Heels wrote a post last week about feeling lonely, and it got me thinking. I too have been feeling quite lonely the past couple days with the whole Mercury retrograde, and many of my friends having busy lives. There are also days where I can feel lonely while I am with friends because of the simple fact that I look different and they don’t quite understand what it like to be stared at accused of being in a fight, or told that beauty comes without having a birthmark.

But that is why I built this platform, I want everyone that has these visible differences to feel loved and have a sense of belonging. My facebook page which is linked to this website is a free place for any and everyone to post and comment about everything birthmark related. So no one has to feel lonely, or pressured into removing their birthmark.

For those that feel lonely, I am here for you.

Peace and love,


You can take a look at Shonna’s post here: https://www.hippyhighheals.com/blog/the-modge-podge-of-mercury

Ariel Brown